5 Ways To Say No

You know Covid-19 has been a game changer for all of us in similar and different ways. Our life styles have changed. And so I want to talk about 5 Ways to Be Assertive and Say "No" moving forward.

Do you find it difficult to be assertive and say "no" to people's requests? Since there just aren't enough hours in the day to appease everyone, the art of saying "no" without hurting the feelings of others is an important skill to acquire.

Here are some ways you can say "no" without being rude or impolite:

  1. "No" to now, but "yes" to later. "I'm very busy at the moment. Perhaps someone else can help you. If not, I'll have time later in the week to help you out."

  2. "No" unless something changes. "I'm very flattered that you've asked me. However, I'm not currently in a position where I can take on this responsibility. Could we talk about this at another time if there's a change in my circumstances?"
  3. A definitive "No." "I hate to disappoint you, but I'm not able to do this. I'm afraid I'll overextend myself."
  4. "No" to attend an event. "I had a great time before, but I won't be able to make it this time since I'm already overscheduled."
  5. "No" to loaning money. "I really wish I could but I make it my practice not to loan money to friends and family."

It’s time to live your life on purpose in your purpose so that you can reign in purpose.


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